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Exaro Online
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Created by matt on 22-02-2018
2018 so far

As usual Exaro is still in heavy development and behind the curtain, the past few months have been mainly bug fixing and overhauling old features. One of the largest overhauls would be the re-creation and update of graphics to the world. 

List of things being worked on:

  • All 144 known bugs fixed
  • New world and instance system in development
  • New Quest system with far more flexibility
  • Network improvements mainly for mass handling of NPC and Players
  • Lots of new items
  • Added new postprocessing system for extra beauty!
  • Combat improvements with new spell types like DoTs and HoTs


Created by matt on 15-02-2018
Steady progress

Another month down, many features added and more bugs squashed. As we continue towards the alpha you will notice some site updates, this includes:

  • Bug tracking system - This will allow us to work with players to handle bugs efficiently.
  • Server & Player status - Tracks the population and status of the server.
  • Forum Improvements - Please use them!
  • Featured video updates - ;)

As for the game itself, newest features and fixes include:

  • Combat improvements - Additional spell types
  • Classes - We finally added all of the classes to Exaro! Each class has 5 starting abilities.
  • UI Bug fixes, mainly chat related.
  • Party system. - Invite players to join your party for shared XP, Loot and so on.
  • Mail system - Send items and leave messages for other players
  • Proper stat calculation - Before it was a big mess, random stats and non-calculated values, this has now been balanced and should represent "some" balance.
  • Weapon/Armor updates



What's to come? The list below is what is targeted to be fixed for next month's patch, and "hopefully" a huge step closer to the public release.

  • New video - Featuring closed alpha gameplay, groups, combat, quests and possinbly the first dungeon, Shadow Depths.
  • Social improvements - Friends lists, Ignore lists, mail improvements.
  • Further combat improvements - It's been a huge, challenging job!
  • More items, as always - Mainly focused on armor.
  • Vast amount of NPCs added ~50 approx.


As always, please use the comment box or forum to join us for a chat, suggestions or feedback!

Created by matt on 01-05-2017
Another month of improvements

Over the past month a huge number of bugs have been fixed (40+), new features were added and general improvements too. This includes:

  • New abilities
  • Combat improvements
  • Animations improvements
  • New quests & types of quests
  • UI Improvements
  • Proper character window and stats update
  • Party system (needs some fixing)
  • NPC threat system, in preparation for adding tanking abilities

What's next? Well firstly combat is still in need of improvements, this includes the creation of additional types of spells like damage over time and AOE abilities. This will also be the groundwork for additional classes and finally the creation of our firt dungeon.

Created by matt on 15-02-2017
Remaining tasks

Before the alpha can begin there is a small list of things needed to be added and fixed, to give a better understanding of it I've decided to share the list and its progress.

  • Character Creation - This needs to be improved, mainly just adding hair styles and such.
  • Chat bug - After a certain amount of messages the Unity UI text component cannot overflow.
  • More items! - Self explanitory.
  • Player collision needs to be removed.
  • Camera acts badly when forced into small areas.
  • Old NPCs need to be deleted - Obviously only will take a moment.
  • Selling multiple items of the same type causes issues with the inventory not properly removing items, even if they no longer exist.

It's not a long list and hopefully will be worked through within the next few weeks! Other than this we just need to polish a few things up, here's another gif of combat with myself and Thomas in the meantime.



Created by matt on 03-01-2017
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[27-03-2018 / 13:28]
BTW: The new graphics are on point, looks amazing!
[27-03-2018 / 13:27]
Can't wait to see more of what you have done!
[11-03-2018 / 19:43]
actually cant wait for this game to be finished, been waiting so long, keep up the work lads
[15-02-2018 / 10:02]
Super Snazzy! Love the new updated graphics! That grass, those lights, kills me, I love it! Keep up the good work!
[12-12-2017 / 11:22]
Oh awesome! That is great to hear! Can't wait to see what you's have been working on!
[07-12-2017 / 02:34]
It is yes! I am working on some stuff as we speak, back from a long break again. Website fix inc.
[13-11-2017 / 02:18]
Hey I was wondering if you guys are still working on this project?
[17-03-2017 / 09:31]
Nice to see, that this Project is back. :)
[14-03-2017 / 17:56]
Yes, due to host issues and DB restructure, all accounts need to be remade.
[12-03-2017 / 04:05]
Awesome site, all accounts was deleted? i needed to make new one :(
[16-02-2017 / 06:49]
Hey :) Welcome back.
[16-02-2017 / 00:38]
[29-12-2016 / 04:18]
Awesome Site !
[27-12-2016 / 18:58]
Welcome to the new site!

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